10:00 – 10:45am



The Martha Brown Sunday school class will return with Dave Perry teaching from the book of Acts. This class will meet in the chapel at 10:00 am. We are looking for one other person to join with Dave in teaching, so if you are interested in learning more about what would be involved, please let Peter or Erin know.

PARLOR CLASS - Parlor (Room 102)

This is a discussion class using video series from RightNow Media. The class is currently studying “Love Like That” by Les Parrott. Lisa Cooper and Joanne Glaser lead this class.

DISCOVER FPC - Session Room Main Floor

If you have been worshiping with us regularly or recently joined First Presbyterian Church, this class is for you! Discover FPC offers you the opportunity to learn a little bit about being a Presbyterian and about various ways you might engage your life of faith here in this congregation. This 3-week series of classes is offered periodically throughout the year and is hosted by the church staff. Contact Erin Bowers for more information.

Youth & Children

Jesus tells us to become like a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Children come to us with a sense of wonder that is a necessary component of faith. It is our job as parents and teachers to nurture that wonder while adding to it an understanding of who God is, and how much God loves them.

As preteens and teens journey toward adulthood, it is our intention to celebrate the young women and men they are becoming, and to help them mature, not only with the knowledge and teachings of the Bible, but to experience God’s love in all they do in a lifelong relationship together with God and each other.

GRADES 9-12 

The Senior High Sunday school class is not meeting for the time being. Please join in fellowship and service with one of the other Sunday school classes. You are welcome to join one of the Adult classes in the Chapel or the Parlor.

GRADE 7-8 - CONFIRMATION CLASS Upstairs Rooms 222 and 214

Students attend a year-long class to explore what they personally believe and are introduced to the basic beliefs and organizational structure of the PC(USA). They’re using the brand new PC(USA) curriculum Big God, Big Questions and enlist the support of “covenant partners” - adult members of the congregation, to support them on their journey of faith. There is no upper age requirement to attend this class.

– older youth are welcome if they have not yet been confirmed!

Teachers: Mary Fraley, Brooke & Willy Garrou

 GRADE 4-6 – GROWING IN GRACE & GRATITUDE - Upstairs Room 201

Children in 4th and 5th grade will discover and celebrate God's grace as we make our way through the Bible. Each week we will gather in God's grace, respond with
celebration and gratitude, and take our faith out into the world to love and serve God. 

Teachers: Alison Grein, Jade Hudson,
Carissa McCall, Heather Redding

PRE K- 3RD GRADE – GODLY PLAY - Upstairs Room 205

Godly Play uses the Montessori teaching method incorporating two and three-dimensional materials to tell biblical stories. Through this unique, hands-on approach, children young and old learn to articulate and share their faith.

Teachers: Tiffany Traylor, Casey Leach, Julie Traywick & Heather Redding
Assistants: Courtney Gentry, Rebecca Johnson, Laurel Rush


During both worship services children are invited to leave after Moment with the Children, to explore stories of our faith during the sermon, pastoral prayer and offertory. They return to their families during the last hymn.


Teachers: Heather Redding, Jade Hudson, Casey Leach & Tiffany Traylor

 AGES 2–3 – GOSPEL LIGHT - Nursery

TalkTime Activity Pages are an interactive, colorful way for kids to discover how God's Word connects to their daily lives.

Teacher: Diane Rowsey.

NURSERY - Near the gathering space outside the Sanctuary

The Nursery is a wonderful place for children up to age 4. Caretakers are professional childcare workers, very nurturing, and CPR/1st Aid trained. They are available for the 9:00 service through the 11:00 service (including Sunday School).

Diane Rowsey, Hailey Simpson & Taylor Tarolli staff the Nursery.

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